Hospital Bed Mattresses


Hospital bed mattresses go from basic comfort to stage 4 pressure ulcer relieving qualities. They can be composed of different combinations of foam, gel and air. For complex needs, a powered air mattress is also an option. Give us a call to help you decide what type of mattress will help you with your needs.


New Mattress




Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Overlay System - $175

Quiet pump alternately inflates and deflates 130 individual bubble air cells. 
4 LPM (liters per minute) pump produces consistent air flow and pressure 
over a 5 minute cycle time and is available fixed or variable. Variable 
pressure setting on pump allows for individualized comfort increasing 
patient compliance. Durable, heavy gauge, premium vinyl bubble pad 
provides superior therapeutic treatment and has built-in brackets for 
mounting easily to bed.
Pump Type: Compressor
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year on Control Unit, and 90 Days on the Pad.



Innerspring Mattress - $300

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High quality innerspring design
The unit has a 1" high-density, firm,
combustion-modified fiber topper on each
side. Vinyl cover is waterproof, anti-bacterial,
anti-static for easy use and care. 80" x 36",
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs., Warranty: 1 Year



Gravity 7 Pressure Redistribution Mattress - $400

Drive's most economical yet efficient therapeutic 
foam mattress maximizes value and comfort with 
3 full layers of latex free foam. Full width top 
layer uses unique die-cutting and a true memory 
foam heel section to optimize zoned pressure 
redistribution. Bottom layer provides full length 
horizontally scored articulation cuts extending 
the durability and life of the mattress. Stretch 
cover is fluid and tear resistant, low shear and 
easy to clean. High Density Foam Perimeter 
provides solid edge support and facilitates safe 
patient transfers. Available with or without raised 
side rails. Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. Warranty is 7 
Year Limited on the Foam and 1 Year on the Cover


Med-Aire 8" Alternating Pressure and 
Low Air Loss Mattress System - $1600

This combination therapy 8" mattress replacement 
system provides both alternating pressure and low 
air loss to optimize pressure redistribution and 
manage skin maceration. Designed to prevent, 
treat and manage pressure ulcers in the home, 
long term care, or acute care setting.
8 LPM (liters per minute) airflow control unit 
offers 10 minute cycles when alternating and 
may also be used in static mode. Adjustable 
patient comfort settings on the Compressor 
allows for optimal immersion and patient 
satisfaction. Nylon cover is low shear, fluid 
resistant, vapor permeable, quilted and zippered.
Each one of the 20, 8" deep air bladders are 
easily removed and replaced with air leakage plugs.
Pillow function maintains the 3 air cells at the head 
of the bed in static mode for patient comfort.
CPR valve allows for rapid deflation. Has EZ Lock 
with Quick Release Tubing connector. Control Unit 
has Alarms that are both Visual and Audible.
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. Warranty: 1 Year Limited



Used Hospital Bed Mattress


Please call to make sure we have the used mattress you need in stock.




Used Foam Mattress - $200


Used Inner Spring Mattress - $150


microAIR Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress - $1500

The microAIR APM provides pressure relief in the prevention 
and treatment of pressure ulcers. This Group II support surface 
has a 350-lb weight capacity. The Alternating Pressure Mattress 
circulates air within the mattress for a temperate climate and 
has 16 horizontally configured bladders. Mattress will not 
bottom out with mattress hose attached to the compressor power 
unit. The waterproof cover is made of non-shear nylon and has 
nylon tie down straps with buckles for attaching the mattress to 
the bed. The mattress has a 16 bladders, each bladder is 6" thick. 
In addition, there is a 2" foam safety pad under the nylon cover. 
The mattress has a non-skid bottom and is secured with 10 nylon 
web buckled hold-downs. When rolled up for storage, carrying 
handles allow for easy transport. Quilted 70 denier nylon cover 
helps protect user from friction and shear. 10 LPM compressor 
has alarm, alarm silence and lock out features
Alternating Pressure mode: Treatment times are 5, 10, 15, and 
20 minute cycles for the deflation or inflation of half of the air 
cushions in even or odd numbered. 
Low Air Loss Mode: In this mode, the mattress goes into 
on-demand Low Air Loss relief mode. 
Static Mode: all air cushions in the mattress are maintained at 
constant pressure. The Static LED is illuminated in Green.
Minimum Pressure Setting: During Alternating Pressure is set 
to 0 (2 mmHg) at the factory. This means that the mattress will 
deflate as much as possible during the deflation time when 
using 10, 15 or 20 minute Alternating Pressure times. 
The setting can be changed so the mattress will only deflate to 
50% of the selected pressure setting.
Fowler Mode: When this mode is activated, the control unit 
increases the pressure in the mattress to prevent the patient from 
bottoming out. This feature is useful when positioning the bed to 
a sitting position with the head up.


Dynamic Low Air Loss Mattress - $2000 

Air escapes from 72 laser-cut openings and 
distributes equally under a vapour-permeable, 
quilted cover that acts to wick moisture away 
from the individual.
Deep Cell Alteration Therapy with 18 
independent 8 inch high cells gently inflate 
and deflate in a 3:1 cycle.
External Exhaust Hose channels heat away 
from the interior of the DynaLAL, promoting 
a bacteria-free environment as well as 
ensuring a cool and comfortable climate.
Replacement of individual cells and 
components is quick, easy, and cost effective. 
Cells are attached externally with snaps for 
easy disinfecting.
Each surface comes with two fully-quilted 
zip covers. They wick moisture away from 
the body and prevent shearing and friction. 
All covers are machine washable, 
antimicrobial, fluid resistant and flame 
retardant. Eight Adjustable ties secure the 
system to any standard hospital bed frame.
CPR Quick-Release Valve deflates the torso 
section in less than 20 seconds for medical 
emergencies. 2" Convoluted foam Base 
provides added patient protection in event of 
power failure. The foam is enclosed in a 
moisture proof material that protects against 
bacteria build up.


LS9000 Low Air Loss Mattress System - $2000

Helps to prevent and treat pressure ulcers by providing the patient with 
an aerated, dry sleeping surface. The LS9000 offers superior air flow 
for a cool and dry sleeping surface. It also includes Mason's exclusive 
Pulsate mode that intermittently reduces the mattress's air pressure to 
aid in increasing blood flow. The unit's internal pressure monitor 
continuously adjusts for optimal pressure redistribution. 2" convoluted 
foam base in case of power outage. CPR feature allows for rapid 
deflation of mattress system Static function can suspend the pulsate 
mode. The 10 Adjustable Comfort Settings allows pressure to be 
customized by patient's weight The Auto-Firm feature allows for a 1 
minute fill rate. The Masonair LS9000 system offers an extraordinary 
therapeutic mattress system for the prevention and treatment of 
pressure ulcers. The Powerloft Pro 900 pump produces 1180 liters of 
air flow per minute offering a cool and dry sleeping surface. The 
exclusive Pulsate mode reduces the air flow every30 seconds to 50% 
of the comfort setting. The internal pressure control sensor 
continuously monitors surface pressure for optimal pressure 
redistribution. This feature will intermittently reduce pressure and 
increase blood flow. Visible and audible alarms with Alarm Mute 
feature(3 minute auto-return feature) CPR valve allows for rapid 


2 Section Roho Overlay - $1600

High quality mattress overlay Bed size is divided into four 
sections (Roho or Foam) The mattress sections are easily 
fastened together by press studs. Cells are interconnected 
and their unique shape promote blood circulation to 
facilitate pressure prevention- healing and relief Air 
pressure is adjustable and can be customized to suit the 
user Durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin 
sensitivity- and is easily cleaned Flexible cells adapt to 
patient contours and reduce shear forces while 
transferring or re-positioning. Has 1 Memory Foam 
section and 1 conventional foam section, that can be 
utilized where risk of pressure is not as critical. 
All foam sections have a waterproof cover.


3 Section ROHO Overlay System - $2000

The ROHO 3 mattress system is a constant low pressure 
device into which the patient sinks comfortably so that 
the weight is distributed over a greater surface area. The 
degree of patient immersion is controlled by the volume 
of air introduced into the air cells with a hand pump. The 
unique design of each individual air cell allows for 
maximum skin contact and pressure area relief. It is used 
for patients with spinal injuries, unstable fractures, or if 
the patient can not tolerate alternating air devices.


1 Section ROHO Overlay System - $1200

This one section ROHO overlay allows for additional 
pressure relief in the pelvic section of the mattress 
providing the ultimate in support, comfort and pressure 
reduction all in one. The foam mattress also features a 4 
layer foam design, side walls and two way fully welded 
waterproof stretch cover.





Used ROHO V4 Mattress Systems

The Vitacare V4 Mattress system with ROHO creates 
the optimal therapeutic environment for skin healing 
and protection.
1) $1200 Designed to accommodate one ROHO section to
specifically target the sacral region.
2) $1800 Designed to accommodate a maximum of two 
ROHO sections to target the sacral and heel regions or 
sacral and shoulder region. Ideal for patients with multiple 
areas of concern.
3) $2200 Designed to accommodate a maximum of two 
consecutive ROHO sections to target a larger sacral region. 
Ideal for patients without heel pressure concerns.
4) $2800 The most versatile V4 Mattress system 
accommodates up to three consecutive ROHO sections. 
Provides optimal pressure management for a patient that is 
at high risk overall.