Used Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts


Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts/Carriers/Ramps provide a safe easy way to transport your Powerchair or Scooter. We do deliver with in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland for a fee. We can also ship anywhere else. We can do most do installs. The Shop Rate is $60 Pr. Hr.


Brand New Items Are Listed First The Used Items Will Be Below.


New Drive Medical Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps 

2' - $200
3' - $250
4' - $300
5' - $350
6' - $400

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Folds up like a suitcase for easy transporting and 
storage. Durable, lightweight construction, 
Designed to transition wheelchair or scooter from 
one surface to another, Comes with carry bag, 
Perforated slots keep water from collecting on 
ramp, Weight capacity: 600 lbs., 



New Rubber Threshold Ramps - $85 Each Section

First section comes to 1" high, each section 
after, adds 1/2" to a max of 7 pieces for a 4" 
rise. 36" wide usable space. Has hidden 
dovetail locking system that allows for easy 
installation, Slip resistant, Maintenance-free, 
850 lbs. weight capacity, Meets ADA slope 
requirements, Constructed of high-impact 
recycled rubber for durability & long life, 
Can be used indoors or outdoors, Can be 
trimmed or notched for a custom fit


Used Bruno ASL Scooter Carrier - $1500

Fully Powered - Makes lifting and storing your 
scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle virtually 
effortless - one button operation 
350 lbs/160 kg lifting capacity 
Safe/Reliable - Independently tested for rough road 
conditions, 100,000 mile life, and environmental 
operating extremes. Drive on/off either side of 
platform - no reversing necessary. Platform 
automatically folds up when not in use. Automatically 
secures scooters and powerchairs when lift is raised 
Retractable belts are also available for securement 
Standard lighted license plate holder with 3rd brake 
light provides additional safety. No structural 
modifications to your vehicle - mounts to your vehicle's 
class II or class III hitch receiver (not included) 
Can reinstall on your next vehicle 
Works with minivans, SUVs, CUVs, pickup trucks, 
full-size vans and sedans



Used Bruno Joey Wheelchair Or Scooter Lift - $1800 

Lifts and stores your scooter or powerchair inside 
your minivan or full size van. Fully Powered, 
effortless, one button operation. 
350 lb/160 kg lifting capacity. 
Lifecycle tested beyond industry standards. 
Platform is easy to roll on to 
Drive on/off either side. Includes securement straps.
No structural modifications needed Can be removed 
for vehicle resale 
Can reinstall on your next vehicle
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NEiLIbgvKE

Installation is $200




Used Curb Sider wheelchair and Scooter Lifts $1200 to $1800

The Curb-Sider lifts and stows your scooter or powerchair inside your 
vehicle with the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, 
push a button on the hand-held pendant and let your Curb-Sider do the 
heavy lifting for you! Fully powered lifting and some models have 
power rotation. Offset Post Design - Allows Personal Mobility Device 
to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle. Powered by the 
vehicle's battery. Available for passenger or driver side of vehicle. No 
structural modifications to your vehicle - can be easily removed for 
vehicle resale. Works with minivans, SUVs, crossovers, pickup trucks 
and full-size vans


Brand new porch lifts - $5200

Ram Trus-T-Lift is designed for residential 
application with rise options available for a 
range of porch and entryways.
The Trus T Lift has one of the smoothest and 
Quietest Drive Systems on the market. 3
Soft touch controls., 750lbs. weight capacity. 
Deck space is 34" x 54" with Ramp closed.
Foot print is 49" x 62" with Ramp down.
You can also get RAM's Tower of Power 
(Battery back up system) that provides full 
operation of your lift (30 to 40 full load cycles) 
during a power failure for longer than then 
any other lift on the market. It is also the most 
reliable system as it will automatically switch 
over to building power when the batteries 
"die". This means you never get "stranded" 
on your lift and you get an immediate 
indication as soon as your batteries become a 
problem. The Tower of Power is $1500