Aids To Daily Living

Convertible Coccyx Cushion - $40
18"W x 16"L x 3"H
Full sized cushion with removable coccyx cut out. Attaches via Velcro for flexible customizability. Top 1" is memory foam for added comfort, breathable and washable cover.
Stander Metro Car Handle Plus - $35
The Metro Car Handle from Stander makes maneuvering into and out of the car a cinch. It provides reliable and
sturdy support for the user when he or she is standing up or sitting down. The Metro Car Handle is a portable tool
that securely locks into the passenger or driver side door latches of any car. It aligns parallel to the car when it is
locked in, proving a secure handle for extra leverage. Has a flashlight for greater visibility at night.
Shoe Horn and Back Scratcher - $10
A dual-function tool you'll always keep handy.
Light weight, plastic
22" Long
Hand-Held Reacher 26" or  32" - $20
With a lightweight aluminum frame this reacher
helps to eliminate bending and stretching,
allowing you to grasp hard to reach items easily.
You can use as a hook to pull clothing or blankets
that are out of reach. Only 12 ounces of pressure
required at trigger to close jaws
Mobb Easy-Pull Sock Aid - $25
Lightweight and easy to use.
Helps pull on socks, stockings and light
compression garments without bending
or raising leg. Nylon interior prevents
friction while terry cloth outer covering
holds sock in place. Long looped straps
make pulling up socks easy.Ideal for
those with limited range of motion
Long Handle Sponge - $15
24" long handle is useful for personal
bathing needs or household chores
Leg lifting strap - $20
This simple strap enables you to lift stiff or immobile
legs more easily. It is a 35" (89cm) long stiff strap
with a loop at each end. Holding the handle loop, s
lide your foot into the lower stiffened loop, and then
use your arm to guide your leg into position, for
example onto a bed, footstool, footrests of a
wheelchair or even into the car.
Handybar - $35
Handybar Assist Aid makes getting out of the car easier.
Being independent is important and because daily living
needs to be easier, these ergonomic rubber grip handles
fit quickly into the universal door striker making the car
handicap accessible within seconds. The emergency
seat belt cutter and window breaker make the Handybar
an excellent emergency tool to keep in the car for those
times when extra help is needed.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Handle Width: 8".
Has Seat Belt Cutter and
Foam Ring Cushion - $30
Provides excellent comfort and support
while seated, Open center is designed to
provide maximum pressure relief,
Comes with durable, washable, zippered
jacquard cover, Made from soft, premium
quality therapeutic foam. Dimensions:
16" (L) x 12 75" (W) x 2 75" (H)
Elastic Laces - $5 Pk.
Elastic laces that stay tied, in place and allow you
to easily slip your shoe on and off , Great for
sneakers, men''s or ladies dress shoes., Laces
are 27" long and come in Black, Brown or White.
2 pr. pk.
Mobb Swivel Car Seat - $40
Turns in any direction, with a ball bearing mechanism
that swivels 360 degrees to make stepping out of a
vehicle easier. Rubber bottom to hold in place on any
surface. Supports up to 325 lbs.
Ideal for home, car, or office
Drive Medical Hip Kit - $40
Get the most recommended essentials for patients recovering
from hip or knee surgery all in one affordable package.
Contains: Long Handled Bath Sponge, Polyethylene Stocking Aid,
Hand Held Reacher, 32", Plastic Shoe Horn, Black Elastic Shoe Laces.
Inflatable Vinyl Ring Cushion - $10
Helps provide both support and comfort when sitting for long periods.
Inflation or deflation is easy with the convenient push-pull valve.
Easy to clean.
Dimensions 13" diameter (33 cm), 3" (7.6 cm) high when inflated.
Extra-Long Comb $5 and Brush $10
Anti-slip handle fits snugly in the hand to stay in place
when in use. Provides maximum reach with minimum
effort, Easy-to-clean, Latex free,
The Comb is 15" Long, The Brush is 14" long
Limited 6 Months Warranty
Long Metal Shoe Horn - $10
Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes.
Won't snag socks or stockings. 23" long.
EZ Reacher Deluxe  32" Folding Locki
Stainless steel fingers will not rust. Feel more
independent living in your own home. This handy aid for
daily living is so durable it is Guaranteed FOREVER!
Strong sensitive fingers for extra wide grasp. Lift objects
up to 5 lbs. and up to 4.5" wide yet as small as a dime.
The blue silicone cups are flexible enough to pick up items
off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to
handle a large can of soup or box of cereal. Odorless,
Will not scuff floor, shoes, or cabinets.
Posture Support Cushion - $30
Transforms an ordinary chair by providing
ergonomic comfort and back support, Firm yet plush for superior posture support, Helps reduce discomfort in the head, neck, shoulders and back. Ergonomically designed to promote proper spinal alignment. Attached strap helps
keep cushion securely in place. Great for home, office and travel--even in the car. Also great for use behind the knees and ankles. Cushion automatically expands
to full size when removed from packaging. Comfortable and durable.
3" Foam Retail Cushion - $30
Versatile use for any location where seated
comfort is needed. Comes with durable,
machine washable, jacquard zippered cover
Made of soft, premium quality foam
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
18" (W) x 16" (L) X 3" (H)
Warranty 1 Year Limited
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