USED Scooters

Hand Exercise Ball - $10 (each)
For grip strength, dexterity, mobility and fine and gross motor skills.
Heat in microwave or chill in freezer for use in hot or cold therapy.
Great for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction,
strengthening and more.
Available in 6 colours with graduated levels of resistance from extra light
to extra heavy. Color-coded by resistance level.
Folding Exercise Peddler - $65
Safe and gentle form of low-impact exercise, ideal for leg and arm
muscles and for stimulating circulation, Five function display
indicates exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute
(rpm) and calories burned. Scan feature alternately displays all
measurements automatically.
Overdoor Exercise Pulley - $25
Designed to safely and easily increase range of motion
Easily fits over standard door
Comes complete with door bracket, pulleys, cord and handles
For use when sitting or standing
Warranty Limited Lifetime
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