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  • Easy to use
  • Available in two convenient widths
  • High 300 kg weight capacity

The Lena freestand offers you a possibility of lifting a patient up to 300kg / 661 lbs easily and safely. The lift is used for lifting and moving patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath/shower and from the floor.


Portable Solution
Sometimes a facility or homeowner does
not want to modify the existing building
structure to install an overhead rail system
or sometimes only a temporary solution is
required. That is when the Lena is the perfect
option. Portable, easy to use and assemble, it
won’t affect walls or ceilings. Its compatibility
with our Altair series, HeliQ series and Roomer
S allows it to be used by a number of clients
or lifting situations.
The Lena is available in two widths, both
of which easily fit over a standard bed.
Combined with our overhead lifts and slings,
a caregiver can easily lift and move patients
without risk of injury. The aesthetic powder
coated white finish ensures the Lena
seamlessly fits into any room environment
including bathrooms. With optional wheels
added, it can easily be transported from room
to room.
Our products are designed and manufactured
to meet all the requirements of relevant ISO,
UL, IEC and EN standards. At every stage
of the development process, every single
product is given extensive attention in
design, developement and manufacturing.
This means that a user of this product feels
confident with its reliability and the caregiver
feels confident with its safety.

Lena Freestand

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